I'm Haeli, plant-based Registered Dietitian

Helping you find a way of eating that works for you, your body and your lifestyle.
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What we eat and the beliefs that we hold about food and wellness have a profound impact on our overall health and well-being.

Although I don’t believe that there is one right diet for everyone, I sincerely believe that everyoneย can benefit from eating more whole, plant foods.

My goal is to give all of my clients the foundational knowledge and tools to transform their health and relationship with food, no calorie counting required.

my services & products

Nutrition Counseling

Let's work together to get you feeling your absolute best!

What can we work together on?

Transitioning to a fully (vegan) or predominately plant-based diet.

Helping to ensure you and your family are getting all of the nutrients needed on a plant-based diet.

Prevention and management of chronic disease and conditions like heart disease, metabolic syndrome, pre-diabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc.

Tweaking your eating and lifestyle habits for optimal health.

Fostering a better relationship with food.

Online Courses

My passion is educating on the power that nutrition and lifestyle have on our health and well-being. Through developing my online courses I have been able to reach SO many of you. In these courses I share my knowledge along with tips and tricks that you can implement in your own life.

These courses will give you access to a community of people on the same journey as you!ย 

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Nutrition Resources

Nutrition at your fingertips! Find loads of freebiesย along with some of my best selling products and services in the Eat to Nourish shop.

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