Welcome to the first segment in my little series, Nutrient Highlights with Okanagan Nutrition!

I want to highlight a few of the nutrients that as plant-based or vegan eaters we need to be a little bit more mindful of.

Starting with choline!

We go into a lot more depth into each of the nutrients that I will be talking about in this mini series in my e-course Your Complete Guide to Master Plant-Based Eating which you can enroll in here. I also cover these nutrients in detail in my downloadable guide Meeting Your Nutrient Needs With Plants At Any Age, which you can download here!

If you’ve never heard of choline before, you’re not alone! Although not talked about a lot, choline is a very important nutrient for fat transport and metabolism, muscle, mood and memory regulation and it seems to work alongside folate and vitamin B12 in preventing neural tube defects early in pregnancy.

Choline is an important nutrient to highlight for plant-based and vegan eaters because animal foods are naturally better sources of choline. One of the best naturally occurring sources of choline are eggs, which is why a majority of the research on choline is actually funded by the egg industry!

BUT, there are good plant-based sources of choline as well. Some of the best plant-based sources include soy nuts, tofu, broccoli and quinoa. It is important to eat choline containing plant foods daily.

Although a choline supplement is not recommended for the general population, it is recommended that moms to be (pregnant women), do take a prenatal supplement that contains choline. More and more prenatal supplements now have it included in their nutrient profile.

If your prenatal does not contain choline and you are a plant-based or vegan mom to be, I recommend that you talk to your Registered Dietitian about whether you would benefit from an additional choline supplement throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding, when your choline needs increase significantly.

Watch to learn more below!

Let me know what topics you would like me to cover in my videos in the comments!

xx Haeli

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