I eat curry all year round and this Thai curry is a staple. Quick, flavour packed and nutrient dense.

One of my favourite plant proteins to cook with are red lentils because they don’t require any prep or pre-soaking and can be added dry to your soups, stews, chili’s or curries. All they need is 15-20 minutes to cook up and you’re ready to go!

Per 1 cup cooked, red lentils provide 19 grams of protein, 7 mg of iron, 3 mg of zinc, 379 mcg of folate and 9 grams of fiber! All of that with with no cholesterol or saturated fat.

Ready in under 45 minutes, this curry is the perfect week night meal. Meal prep extra servings to keep on hand in your freezer or fridge for ready made meals throughout the week as well! 

I love it served with rice or quinoa along with some lime and cilantro.

I have also made some modifications to this recipe depending on what I have in my pantry and fridge. I have added additional canned and drained chickpeas or cubed tofu, broccoli instead of cauliflower, yam instead of sweet potato and leafy greens like kale and spinach! You can really make it your own.

Tried it?! Let me know how you enjoyed this curry below!

xx Haeli

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